DT-51 Minimum System Ver 3.3

DT-51 Minimum System is a development board for 8051 microcontroller family, it based on Atmel AT89S51 and featured with programming and debugging capability. Latest version board, DT-51 Minimum System Ver 3.3, using some SMD components thus making it more compact.

  • New PCB design that increase noise immunity.
  • Based on Atmel AT89S51 microcontroller.
  • Standard RS-232 serial port interface.
  • 8K bytes non-volatile memory (EEPROM) for user program code and data.
  • 4 ports input/output, 8 lines per port.
  • 11.0592MHz for system oscillator
  • Special port for character LCD and built-in LCD routine (HD44780 compatible).
  • Expansion connector compatibility to many add-on boards from Innovative Electronics.
  • Requires 9V AC or 12V DC input supply.
  • Equipped with Loader software (MS-DOS and Windows) and Debugger software (MS-DOS).

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